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Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

Lillybrook Dental can help you plan and manage the ideal treatment for wisdom teeth
Lillybrook Dental knows wisdom teeth can cause you considerable pain and discomfort if there is insufficient room in your mouth for them to grow. We also understand you may be anxious about experiencing more pain and discomfort regarding the surgical procedure for the removal of teeth. However you can be be assured we only recommend extraction in circumstances in which it is absolutely necessary, for example, when there a symptoms or wisdom teeth are causing issues. Our conservative approach means we make a careful assessment of your specific situation, allowing us to provide a tailored treatment pathway.

The emergence of the third molars (wisdom teeth) at the end of the upper and lower gums between the ages of 17 and 25 can present a range of issues from:

  • Impaction (where there is not enough room in the jaw) that can cause a cyst
  • Crowding of teeth leading to decay and gum infections, ulcers and chewing problems
  • Cleaning and flossing problems
  • Pain, swelling, pressure and stiffness in the jaw.
Ready to make an appointment with us?

Removal of wisdom teeth can be pain free

Removal of wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure that can be undertaken in-house by Lillybrook Dental. By undertaking the procedure, cleaning your teeth will be easier as pockets trapping food will be reduced, leading to better all-round long term oral health that will save you discomfort and costs in the future.
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Consultation with Lillybrook Dental team about your wisdom teeth concerns will set your mind at ease. An assessment will be made of the condition of the wisdom teeth and an appropriate treatment regime tailored to suit your needs.

At all times we endeavour to address our patients’ fears, anxiety and pain, by creating a caring environment and pacing people through treatment essential to their present and future oral health. You will be fully informed of each step of the way through treatment and post-treatment regime, comfortable with expectations and fully aware of the cost.

Treatment is followed up by attentive post-surgery care that ensures you make a full recovery and that the outcome is all you desired.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure has risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results can vary.

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