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Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom Teeth

Think you might have wisdom teeth causing you pain? Lillybrook Dental is your emergency dentist who can help
Although wisdom teeth extraction is not always an emergency, there are some circumstances when it is.

Problems with wisdom teeth is a common dental problem for young adults. Issues usually occur in the lower wisdom teeth, when bacteria become trapped between the gum and the partially erupted wisdom tooth causing swelling and pain. 

Patients may experience a dull ache from the jaw, have swollen gum tissue causing physical discomfort when touched or chewing food, or a bad taste in the mouth that doesn’t go away after brushing. Swelling may make it difficult to open your mouth. You may feel feverish and even develop an abscess. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s more than likely emergency treatment for your wisdom teeth is required. Time to get on the phone to Lillybrook Dental!
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Do wisdom teeth always have to be extracted?

Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Removal only becomes necessary when certain conditions indicate it would be beneficial, such as:

  • Wisdom teeth won’t come through on their own
  • If they are impacted on other teeth and cause decay on the adjacent tooth
  • If they emerge at a bad angle
  • Are difficult or impossible to clean and maintain
  • Begin to cause pericoronitis (inflammation caused when the wisdom tooth erupts through the gum).

As wisdom teeth are not vital to maintaining bite alignment, their removal when causing pain will not affect long term oral health.

What does removal of wisdom teeth involve?

Wisdom Teeth Image

When you attend your regular check-up, Lillybrook Dental will maintain a watching brief on the condition and emergence of your wisdom teeth, whether they are in alignment and able to break through the gums comfortably.

Onsite digital x-ray will clarify what treatment is necessary. In the event that pain, swelling and infection become critical, our emergency dentists will allay your fears and your pain by attending to your immediate needs.

Wisdom teeth emergency? Let the Lillybrook Dental team help.

Any invasive or surgical procedure has risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results can vary.

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