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Family Dentistry

Your local one-stop family dentist in Kallangur

Let us make family dentistry easy for you. We take great pride and satisfaction in providing highest quality family dentistry services to local Kallangur families like ours. Every family member across multiple generations, including children, parents, grandparents, is valued and treated with care and respect in the Lillybrook Dental community.

Our approach to family dentistry is based on simplifying oral health care as much as possible in the lives of busy people. Instead of visiting multiple dentists and oral health specialists for diverse dentistry needs, Lillybrook Dental brings together all services in one convenient location. Having your family dentistry history located in one place, ensures better understanding of your family dentistry needs, improved health outcomes, and less duplication. Long term, it should lead to lower costs too.

Your family can benefit from our full range of services from general dental services through to more complex treatments, such as root canal therapy, orthodontic and implant treatments. Whatever your needs we’re able to take care of you and your family.

Ready to make an appointment with us?

Lillybrook Dental – Family dentistry with a difference

Education and raising awareness are the foundation of our family dentistry practice as we take a long-term approach to caring for your family. We look beyond the window of a single dental visit to encompass any family hereditary or environmental factors with the potential to impact the health
of each individual.

Family Dentistry With A Difference

Together with you, the team at Lillybrook Dental works to address oral health issues at every age and stage in life:

  • We spend time educating children about the importance of learning valuable life skills of daily brushing and flossing, as well as becoming comfortable and confident at regular dental visits.
  • As teens become more independent, we encourage them to take responsibility for their oral health care, supporting them through any important orthodontic treatment required, such as braces and teeth straightening. Teens are encouraged to value the family’s investment in their oral health as an investment in their future
    wellbeing and confidence.
  • Caring for adults through the decades, we continue to support our patients with the dental treatment services they require, including cosmetic, restorative, implant and emergency dental services – all much more easily addressed when those providing care are known and familiar with the person, family and dental history.

If you’re looking for a local family dentist who cares about your tribe as much as you do, why not book an appointment at Lillybrook Dental? We’ll see your whole family together, allowing you to have everyone taken care of in a single visit.

Any invasive or surgical procedure has risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results can vary.

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