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Lillybrook Dental takes the worry out of tooth extractions for children

Lillybrook Dental takes a conservative approach to children’s dentistry, considering tooth extraction only if absolutely necessary.

Many factors are taken into account when extraction becomes advisable, including: decay, impacted teeth, trauma and orthodontics:

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Decay that leads to extractions

Decay is among one of the primary reasons a child may need a dental extraction. Other factors are:
  • Whether the tooth is decayed beyond repair, in which case restorative dental work would not be successful
  • When there is pain from infection or abscess
  • Lifespan of the tooth: whether it needs to be treated multiple times and how long before the adult tooth comes through

Orthodontic factors

In some cases, extraction of teeth may be necessary as part of orthodontic treatment. This may occur because of:
  • Overcrowded teeth, when there’s a need to create space in the mouth that cannot be achieved by other orthodontic treatment
  • Impacted teeth: teeth that don’t erupt or come through may be impacted. Diagnosed by X-ray, the orthodontist will advise if this is necessary
  • Extra teeth – From time to time, a patient will have extra baby or adult teeth, which can cause crowding
  • Ectopic teeth – When a tooth erupts in an unexpected position

Trauma can mean tooth extraction

Trauma can also mean the need for an extraction. We would consult with you when a tooth has been badly damaged beyond repair. Factors we consider before extraction include:
  • Sometimes when the baby tooth may have to be removed before the adult successor tooth is ready to follow, we use space maintainers to preserve the space for the adult tooth to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting in and closing the space
  • Everything will be done to save an adult tooth; it is rare to remove an adult tooth
  • How the direction the tooth has been pushed impacts on bite and chew function; whether other teeth are affected; and other impacts on facial bones and lacerations. X-rays will reveal the extent.

How is a child’s tooth extraction done?

Extractions Image

Straightforward extractions can be done in our practice using local anaesthetic or happy gas for patient comfort and to allay the child’s fears. More complex cases or those involving extraction of multiple teeth may require surgical removal. Should this be the case, Lillybrook Dental will help facilitate the process.

We’d love nothing better than for our family to care for your family’s dental needs. Why not book an appointment for you and your children today?

Any invasive or surgical procedure has risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Individual results can vary.

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