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Dr Rajalalakshmi Alagirisamy (Raji)

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One of Lillybrook Dental’s dentists, Raji is passionate about her work with the patients she serves. A graduate and gold medallist from the Rajiv Gandhi University in India, Raji has always set the bar high. Heart-centred and genuinely caring about patients enjoying their experience of the dentist, Raji is always on the road to continuous improvement. Always looking for ways to enhance patient outcomes and treatment, Raji draws from her previous experience of dental practice ownership to make Lillybrook Dental the stand out choice for locals in Kallangur, North Lakes and Dakabin.

What keeps her going? The belief there is something to learn from everyone you meet.

Regardless of where a person is in life, I believe I can learn something from them. This is really at the heart of how I approach the relationship with my patients. Rather than take on a dentist-patient relationship, I like to work from a shared understanding that allows people to share their concerns, fears, and goals. Our main objective is for people to feel comfortable and safe enough to come back.

Dr Varadharaj Kengaiha (Raj)

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Another of Lillybrook Dental’s dentists, Raj was drawn to dentistry by personal situation. Having seen the transformative effect of oral surgery performed on his sister after a serious accident, Raj was inspired and wanted to help people in the same way. Dentistry provided the means by which he could achieve that. Working together with Raji, he has been involved in development of three dental practices, with Lillybrook Dental the most recent practice they’ve taken on. Raj is an enthusiastic student and continues to study new dental technologies and technical practices. He lives and breathes the highest quality in practice, materials and equipment, which is why Lillybrook Dental’s mission is based on this philosophy.

What does he love about his work? In one word – everything!

I love everything about dentistry. Apart from the technical aspects of the work, which are hugely enjoyable, there is nothing more satisfying than putting a smile back on people’s faces. When they first come to see us at Lillybrook Dental, they are apprehensive and worried. Some people even feel embarrassed. We do everything we can to reassure our patients that we are walking alongside them. At the end of treatment, particular when we’ve been working together over a period of months, my patients often cry tears of joy when I hand them the mirror. Finally, they can smile in the way they’ve always wanted to.

Dr Matt Ncube








Dr. Matt Ncube graduated from Griffith University after completing a Bachelor of Oral Health (Dental Science) and a Graduate Diploma of Dentistry on the Gold Coast. Matt is a caring and compassionate clinician who strives to make every visit as relaxing as possible. He is currently studying Orthodontics at Warwick University. Matt is an avid soccer fan and enjoys outdoor activities, gardening, and writing.

Michelle Reynolds

Michelle Reynolds is a qualified Oral health therapist and dental hygienist. She has completed a Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide. She has also completed an Advanced Diploma of Dental hygiene, during which she received the Colgate Award for Outstanding Clinical Practice in Preventive Oral Care in 2016. She chose this profession to help others maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life, and appearance.
Her professional demeanor, great clinical skills, and caring nature have made her quite popular with our patients.

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