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Most people don’t think about their local dentist – that is, until the really need them. The owners of Lillybrook Dental, Raji and Raj are working to change that perception. With a genuine passion for developing lasting relationships with patients, from children to adults, they take a preventive care approach to dentistry.

The Lillybrook Dental Story

Having established Lillybrook Dental in 2017 after serving regional communities in Queensland and New South Wales, Raji and Raj are committed to bringing the best quality care to the local people in Kallangur, North Lakes, Dakabin and beyond. Building from their awareness that dentistry is more than the service – they help cultivate the feeling that Lillybrook Dental is a safe and caring place to receive preventive dental treatment and care.

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What’s our approach to dentistry?

Our approach to dentistry has been refined over many years experience.

At the heart of our approach is seeing our patients as so much more than teeth. We truly understand we’re working with people who are part of our dental community and family. While they’re in our care, we do everything possible to ensure their comfort and confidence.

What makes our approach different?

We are local people just like our patients. The team at Lillybrook Dental is driven by a commitment to change people’s experience of the dentist. We strive to be warm, welcoming, and supportive, providing education and raising awareness every step of your dental journey. Wherever you are on your journey, we’ll meet you there.

If you share our values of quality, personal attention, and genuine care, we’d love to see you at Lillybrook Dental.

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The Lillybrook Dental approach
is based on real values

We understand people love to be valued, appreciated and included. Even when they visit the dentist. At Lillybrook Dental we understand this fundamental human need deeply and it’s at the heart of how we practise dentistry.
Here’s what you can expect from Lillybrook Dental
We do our best with the best

We bring together the best available technologies, materials, and technical practices to give you the best possible experience of dental care.

We do the right thing by you

Motivated by the highest possible ethics in practice. You can be confident Lillybrook Dental will do the right thing by you.

We’re here for you

We understand the importance of genuine community care. You can be confident we’ll walk with you every step of your dental journey.

We make little things count

As dentists and member of the local Kallangur, North Lakes and Dakabin community, we know focusing the details – the little things – really counts.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people experience quality affordable dental care from dentists they know and trust. We deliver the highest level of service to our local community in a professional, relaxed environment using the best available equipment, technology, and practices. Through genuine connection, our friendly, experienced and dedicated team will care for, educate and inspire our patients to value their oral health for life.
If you want to know more about your local dentist Lillybrook Dental, now is the perfect time to book an appointment. We’ll see your whole family together, allowing you to have everyone taken care of in a single visit.

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